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Watch Full Video Of Lagos Girl Sleepin With A Dog For 1.5M



Whuraola let me make a confession to Yunno wen I use to come to your store to get something, before we started talking I use to see u as a fool working from 7am – 10pm j was wondering with your shape why, that was what attracted me to u, l convinced u to work with me u slapped me that night apologized and we started talking. Last year November I treated infection 4 times still I o stop Toto they hot but I must slay nah November December sales no too dey like that, one night sha we go folixx club nah so one guy carry me we don’t talk prize finish, nah park view for banana island he they stay as we reach he gimme food I chop finish I come they romance and yunno make we start work, he say no no be him say nah him dog I first look am say Shey na ment or malaria maybe the dog take viagra I no know before I know the guy say he go pay 1 million Whura money wey I never see for my life I come say okay but I Dey fear 0163 and block me before I later last last the dog fuck me 2 times.

Watch Full Video Of Lagos Girl Sleepin With A Dog For 1.5M

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