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What A great tune titled I Love Life, Thank You a song written and composed by Mac Miller, These two music maestro offered their best to ensure this phenomenal soundtrack is a successful one, released in the year 2022, this song is as well made available at complex to stream for free

Music is life it takes away your sorrows, motivates you, gives you Joy, that why I Mac Miller Brings you this song I Love Life, Thank You �today to cheer you up.

Mac Miller has come a long way to where she is right now. One thing we are certain about is that the talented songstress and songwriter is steadily on her way to the top of her musical journey.

I Love Life, Thank You , by the Mac Miller Singer and songsmith, Mac Miller , is an iconic record that everyone can listen to irrespective of their favourite genre, it comes with catchy lyrics and a sweet melody to brighten our mood and light up music fans’ playlists.

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Mac Miller – I Love Life, Thank You Full Lyrics

Alright then, bitch
Ha, ya
A million ma’fuckin’ fans on that ass, biotch (La-la, la-la)
Feels amazin’
Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve always been the same kid (La-la, la-la, [?])
Now I’m famous (And I ain’t even have to change shit)

[Verse 1]
Ayo, they keep on sayin’ this dude back, this dude back
But I don’t sound like this dude, bitch, I’m Mac (Woo)
Now these girls all tryna suck my dick, I rap, haha
I may let her if I’m sippin’ that yak, yeah
Too fly, submarine in the sky
Can’t go out in public, I better get a disguise
It’s better to be yourself, don’t ever just live a lie
While I’m drivin’ with the top down, listenin’ to Plies (Hi)
Chicken wings and fries, I’m in love with all the simple things
Little things, hoes just be around, always bickering
I got some money, threw some diamonds on a pinky ring
That’s why your favorite girl probably on my ding-a-ling (Haha)
Chief blunts with Peanut, standin’ on a tree stump
Rappers need to keep up, my bitch is double D cup
She fucks, but she ain’t no slut, and she know that (Know that)
She freeze up, livin’ in the moment, get her Kodak (Kodak)
Hold that, wait for it to flash, get the picture
I ain’t doin’ much, just out on this adventure (Ya)
Bus around the country, but I’m travelin’ the world
With all these rappers that be hatin’ like I’m battlin’ with girls
Ayo, this where the hook be
But I ain’t got no hook, you pussy
I said this where the hook be
But, bitch, I ain’t got a fuckin’ hook, you pussy
Yeah, bitch, that could be a hook
You know what, I’ma just rap, if it’s okay with y’all
And you can tell me if it was nice
Aight, here we go

[Verse 2]
Ayo, I kinda want a fur coat, kinda want a grill
She met me at the party, now she kinda wanna chill
I ain’t on no pills, just a little weed, molly, and lean
Yeah, I did a couple drugs, now they callin’ me Sheen
This was all a dream just a week ago, now I got a heap of dough
I keep a ho that always has some weed to roll
All these rappers brag, but I don’t ever see ’em flow (No)
The illest ma’fucka in it, we don’t need to vote (No)
‘Cause I don’t give a fuck what y’all think
And I don’t give a fuck what that dude on that blog think (Suck a dick)
Yeah, I seen hay, been to court in three states
Had to deal with cheapskates who always want a free play
You hold the weight of the world, I bet your knees break
Put my dick in a bitch hand, keepsake (Haha)
You can’t keep that, fuck off my case
You can keep some residue if I bust on your face, heh
I’m just playin’, mistake him as Asian
Always been amazin’, since days I’ve been hangin’
In ancient places, now the kid famous
And he ain’t even had to change shit, biatch
A million mothafuckin’ fans
Just want to take a second to thank y’all, you feel me?
Thanks for fuckin’ with the kid from day one
You know what I’m sayin’, Blue Slide Park, November 8th
I’ll see y’all then, aight, chyeah
Suck my dick
Hahaha, we should keep that
Oh shit, it worked again, biotch
So I just threw this fuckin’ mixtape together because I love y’all
How nice am I?

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