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K CAMP comes through with another new song titled Stars Aligned Freestyle with it Mp4 and lyrics and it is right here available for free and fast Mp3 download.

Music is life it takes away your sorrows, motivates you, gives you Joy, that why I K CAMP Brings you this song Stars Aligned Freestyle �today to cheer you up.

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K Camp � Stars Aligned Freestyle Full Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, let’s go
Bitch, I’m fired up, I step on Prada when I walk
Off-white Ones and top, I sip codeine so I’on’t cough
Oh, they tried to jam me for that blick but I got off
Thirty for my lawyer but that thirty wasn’t a lost
Vvs gone shine I keep that guala on my mind
Uh, stars all in my ceiling, bitch, these stars still aligned (word)
Bitch, don’t worry ’bout me ’cause I got me and I got mines
Bitch, every time I see yo’ name I hit decline (ho)
I’ma cold nigga and my bitch cold too
Uh, I be preaching game, don’t know what he sold you
Uh, go, I ain’t Denzel but I play my role too
Ooh, thirty for a walk through, watch a nigga stroll through
Dior on my body, but today it’s YSL
Celebrate these wins because I know how it feel to fail
R.I.P. Lil’ Jeff, but I forgive that boy Terrell
R.I.P. Lil’ Jeff, but I forgive that boy Terrell (let’s go)
Boy, he turnt up, he done broke all the scales
Deeper than the ocean, shit get bigger than a whale
Treat this shit like Forrest, I’m just waiting to exhale
Za’ in my lungs and Bo got Za’ on the scale
Fuck her one time, catch a flight and fuck another bitch (woo)
Ho, it’s crunch time, ain’t got time for no stupid shit (woo)
Is it lunch time? Tryna eat, who you fuckin with? (What?)
Grab that backend then I dip, I’m on some nugget shit
Louis V my luggage shit, treat you like my other bitch
VVS my other wrist, you know I ain’t cuffing shit
Cartier my buffs and shit, you can’t get my government
Yes, that mouth I’m fuckin it, Percocet the supplement
I inspire niggas, man, ya’ll boys better pay that homage
I’ma boujie nigga, I might fuck you in a bonnet
No, I do not love you, this just lust I’m being honest
I’ma try to run that pussy over, feel like Giannis
Audemars Piguets, I call that baby perfect timing
Middle of the night infinity chain still shining
You ain’t getting no money but you lazy, why you whining?
Crab cakes with a view, I call that 5-star dining
Meditate by water, tryna guess where my mind went
Mansion off in Brickell for the month, I might just buy it
Jump up off the stage and pop my shit and start a riot
Most these rappers vegan and they campaign on a diet

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